Gun Belts For Women

Gun Belts for Women: What to Look For, and a Few to Choose From

Don't settle for an oversized men's design for concealed carry. Here's what you need in a women's gun belt and where to find some of the best.

Concealing a concealed carry weapon (or CCW) can be much more challenging for women, especially when we're sporting skinny jeans and other fitted getups.

A gun belt can be a great option, and more companies are beginning to design options specifically for females.

Here's what you should look for to choose the best women's gun belts.

Low-Profile Design

A big, bulky belt designed for men might not even fit into the belt loops of your women's jeans. If you can, try before you buy to ensure the gun belt will work with your clothing and doesn't add too much bulk. A concealed carry belt doesn't have to look like a traditional tactical belt look for one that doesn't scream "I'm carrying."


A quality belt might be a bit of an investment, but you want to make sure you choose one that is heavy duty enough to handle your concealed carry gun and stand up to long range sessions.


While you want a belt that looks like something you'd normally wear sans handgun, don't go too far and choose fashion over function. Be sure the belt allows you to easily draw and maintains a comfortable fit.

Here are a couple options that will suit just about any woman.

Precise Fit EDC Belt

For a perfect fit even if your weight fluctuates or you swap out Kydex gun holsters, the Precise Fit EDC Belt features a ratchet system and can fit up to a 50-inch waist with just one belt size. Cut the belt to your preferred length, lock down the belt buckle, and you're all set for concealed carry. This high-quality leather gun belt sports a sleek design that will slide right into most belt loops and won't draw attention to your Glock.

Tactica Concealed Carry Belts

Whether you need a casual belt or a dress belt, Tactica has several options designed just for women. Their leather gun belts are reinforced with a spring steel core prevent sagging when carrying a handgun. Available in several styles and colors, these belts range from $64-$74 and are backed by a one-year warranty.

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