This Tiny, Detailed Deer Skull is Insane

It doesn't get much cooler than a miniature deer skull carved by hand. But what do you think this piece is carved from?

If you ask me, antlers and whitetail deer are two of the finer things in life, which is why this miniature deer skull caught my attention. But what is it made of and why do we all love it so much?

Well first off, this miniature European mount looks cool, so consider me intrigued already.

Velvet racks are taking form and deer are starting to flood the green fields to fill up for the upcoming winter. When these two things began happening, deer hunters like myself start getting the itch. So to pass the time, we find other whitetail-related things like this antler sculpture to keep us occupied.

Enter this awesome little deer head piece from Antler Ridge Carvings. A miniature deer skull of incredible detail and extraordinary color that would turn the head of any whitetail fanatic. Get a look at this amazing piece of American art.

The coolest part is the deer antlers and skull were carved from a shed antler, but not just any shed antler. It was was that of a giant moose antler!

Here is a progression of what used to be a moose shed and what is now a sweet miniature deer skull after some detailed antler carving.

deer skull deer skull deer skull deer skull deer skull deer skull

To think this crazy piece of artwork used to be atop a moose while it roamed its habitat is pretty remarkable. Think of all the things it saw, all the battles it was a part of, and the terrain on which it fell. Then, to be found by someone and eventually turned into this is just awesome.

Antler Ridge Carvings said there were many hours invested in making this whitetail skull, and there's no doubting that. The precise detail of the skull and teeth alone are mind-boggling, not to mention the rack. Each curve showcases what a real wall mount would.

Then, the color of the antlers themselves really make the tiny showpiece come together.

Beyond this amazing piece, they carve out a ton of cool objects that any outdoorsman would love, like walking sticks, wedding rings, morel mushrooms, tiny elk antler sheds and more. Make sure to check out their Facebook link above. These could offer some early Christmas present ideas!

If you think a piece of carved antler like this would make a great home decor addition to your hunting room or desk, be sure to reach out to them!