Three guanacoes in Torres del Paine national park, Patagonia, Chile
Getty Images, encrier

Watch a Guanaco Escape a Mountain Lion's Claws In Slow Motion

We can't stop watching.

Wildlife photographers live for the once-in-a-lifetime action shot, something that can take days to capture. Aaron Baggenstos, who was leading an animal photography tour, scored some amazing footage of a guanaco escaping from a mountain lion—and after he put it in slow motion, we can't look away.

The mountain lion tears off at full speed, running after the guanaco; the whole experience is enhanced by slow motion in the video. As a result, viewers can almost see every muscle moving as the adept predator hauls after its prey.

In true mountain lion fashion, the big cat jumps on the guanaco's back, aiming for the neck. However, the clever cat's plan is thwarted when the guanaco rears back, dropping the puma and kicking it with its hooves. The guanaco takes the momentary advantage as an opportunity to get away. But the mountain lion was not ready to give up on its dinner. It attempts another pounce, but the guanaco gets away.

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The South American natives are often on the menu for predators such as mountain lions. While watching the video, you may have thought the guanaco looked like an alpaca, and you'd be right. The four-hooved mammals are a part of the same family. They are also related to camels, vicunas, and llamas.

Photographer Aaron Baggenstos had been leading a "Pumas of Patagonia" tour on May 9 through his company, Aaron's Photo Tours. During the tour, he stumbled upon a mountain lion attacking a guanaco, though he did not share the exact location of the harrowing incident.

"I had the immense privilege of witnessing and filming one of the most unforgettable events of my career," Baggenstos wrote in an Instagram post. "This heart-pounding chase showcases an incredible display of skill, strength, and survival instincts as these two species engage in an age-old dance that epitomizes life in the wild. Prepare to be amazed by his epic puma-guanaco hunt captured in the stunning wilds of Patagonia."