grizzly bear attacks moose wedding (1)
Youtube via Stanton Giles

Grizzly Bear Crashes Wedding By Attacking and Devouring Moose

Sound the wedding bells! There's no send off more wholesome than witnessing a grizzly bear tear apart a moose calf as a part of a wedding ceremony. In Montana's Glacier National Park, a spot that's supposed to be a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, a groom was in the middle of pouring his heart out to his bride during their wedding vows when everyone's attention turned to the grisly sight behind them. On the shore across Two Medicine Lake, a grizzly bear was doing what grizzlies do: eating. Stanton Giles, the wedding videographer, caught the whole thing on video.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Moose During Wedding Vows

The video starts with the groom sweetly telling his new bride that she's his "past, present, and future," when weird, groan-like sounds are suddenly heard in the background. Giles moves the camera to record the scene on the other side of the lake. That's where the grizzly bear had already taken its prey down, a moose laying on its side, and started devouring it. A bigger moose is seen making a quick getaway by swimming away from the bear.

The ceremony takes a temporary halt as everyone beholds what's going on in front of them. A woman is heard asking, "Are we okay?" while the strangled cries of the moose can still be heard. Another guest is heard saying, "Are you joking me right now?"

More comments are made by the shocked spectators as they realize that the bigger moose is probably the cow swimming away from its doomed calf. The guests start nervously joking and can't quite figure out what to do next. You hear them talking about whether they should keep looking at the rare sight in front of them or continue the ceremony. But everyone still seemed pretty positive about what they witnessed, despite its brutal nature.

The wedding ceremony eventually continued on, and the experience makes for an incredible story. Not only did this couple get married, but they also got to experience Glacier National Park at its fullest. The park is known for its grizzly bear population and witnessing one go about its natural ways must be pretty special, even if it was a grotesque sight.

Maybe not everyone shares the same excitement as I would have if this happened to me, but I think experiencing that while professing my commitment to the love of my life would be pretty cool.

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