Cats Love Their Greenies, and Here's Why

Just like humans, your cat's teeth and oral health are just as important. Regularly brushing your cat's teeth with a toothbrush is good home oral care that helps prevents gingivitis and removes plaque. Other ways you can ensure your cat has overall good dental health is with dry cat food. But if your cat is picky about their food, you can always try dental treats such as Greenies for cats.

Cats love Greenies, and cat owners do too. Greenies help with bad breath and have several dental benefits. Not to mention, the pricing is reasonable, too! So if you want to give your kitty some new cat snacks that will also help freshen their breath, check out these top five varieties of Greenies below!

Greenies for Cats

1. Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Cat Treats, Tuna Flavor, All Bag Sizes

It's no secret that cats love tuna. This means they will love these tempting tuna flavor Feline Greenies. The crunchy texture and shape help clean teeth and fight tartar. Your cat will also get some nutritional value because it's made with vitamins and taurine.

This tuna flavor cat treat may make your cat fall in love with the treats more than you. If you don't believe it, read this customer review!

Be sure to check the label if your cat is on a grain-free diet. Ingredients in these treats include chicken meal, citric acid, corn gluten meal. and calcium.

2. Greenies Feline SMARTBITES Hairball Control |  Greenies Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor Dental Cat Treats

Adult cats on a hairball control diet can still enjoy treats, too! These Greenies come in a tasty chicken flavor and are made with vitamin A and rosemary extract.

3. FELINE GREENIES PILL POCKETS Treats for Cats Chicken Flavor - 1.6 oz. 45 Treats

These pill pocket treats are perfect if your kitty hates taking their medication. They won't even notice they're actually taking yucky medicine once they taste the oven-roasted chicken flavor. This soft cat treat is also good for cats with sensitive teeth.

4. Feline Greenies Dental Treats, Salmon Flavor, All Bag Sizes

These savory salmon flavor treats are a crowd favorite among cats. Ingredients in these treats include choline chloride and oat fiber.

5. FELINE GREENIES Natural Dental Care Cat Treats, Catnip Flavor, All bag sizes

Your cat is sure to give you all the head butts and purrs with these catnip flavor treats. Not only will these dental cat treats taste good for your cat, but these treats also help fight tartar buildup. Cat owners love this because it doesn't contain artificial flavors or preservatives.

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