reef shark bites

Reef Shark Bites Spearfisherman in Grueling Footage (Warning: Graphic!)

In a series of unfortunate events, a reef shark bites a spearfisherman, and it's all caught on underwater footage.

It might be everyone's worst nightmare: experiencing Jaws in real life. This is especially true when the shark takes a chunk out of your tibial artery, leaving you gushing blood while trying to swim 100 yards to the nearest boat. When this reef shark bites this young man, everybody works diligently to save his life.

Warning: this footage is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

The spearfisherman, diving near Middle Sambo reef off Boca Chica in the keys, experienced training in real time and unfortunately in real life. They swam in a pair, which is a rule of thumb when diving. Additionally, there was someone on the boat that understood first aid. Fortunately, the two of them together were able to save this young man's life and get him to the hospital.

The eight-foot shark raced towards one of the divers before changing trajectory to the eventual victim. The victim had recently speared a black grouper, which possibly attracted the shark. The shark first bit the divers left fin, took a chunk out of the right fin then bit his leg and severed the speargun line. The other diver took the speargun and shoved it in the sharks mouth finally running the beast off.

According to the diver's Facebook post the reef shark bit through skin, fat tissue, muscle, muscle sheath and the tibial artery.

Be safe out there, folks. If you are diving, be sure to dive in pairs, and know first aid for a worst-case scenario.

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