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Note to Self: Don't Let Granny Near a Chainsaw

This granny with a chainsaw really means business.

While using a chainsaw, this grandmother has a really close brush with death. Witness this granny with a chainsaw that certainly is not O.S.H.A. approved.

Posted by Logger on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Many of us have that older family member or friend who becomes an animal when you hand them power tools. Well, this granny certainly fits into that category quite well.

This lady is cutting down a tree with a chainsaw with total disregard for her own safety. When the tree falls, it miraculously springs over her and lands hard on the ground. Oh, she's not done, even though she came close to a terrible accident. She keeps cutting until her reign of chainsaw is halted by the video maker.

In this video shared on Facebook by Logger we see how quick accidents can happen. Good thing this tough seasoned lady lived to tell the tale of her brush with death.


Note to Self: Don't Let Granny Near a Chainsaw