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Virginia Governor Vetoes Concealed Carry for Active-Duty and Retired Military Under 21

Newly proposed concealed carry legislation in Virginia for military members gets blocked by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

The governor of Virginia used his veto to stop legislation that would have allowed current military and honorably discharged members between the ages of 18 and 21 to get concealed carry handgun permits.

It is against the law in the state for any person under 21 to buy a handgun from a licensed gun dealer. People between 18 and 21 can only legally obtain a handgun as a gift or from a private sale.

The proposed Bill, House Bill 1582, would have allowed a concealed handgun permit for younger adults, as long as they had completed basic military training.

Governor McAuliffe had this to say about his veto decision:

My concerns about this bill are in no way a reflection of my respect and support for the brave young men and women who serve our nation in uniform. House Bill 1582 reflects an incomplete understanding of weapons qualification practices within our military and is an unwarranted expansion in the number of people allowed to carry handguns in the Commonwealth.

Governor McAuliffe indicated he had come to the decision after consultation with military representatives and also highlighted that he believed the legislation would have done nothing to increase the safety of Virginia's citizens.