Man vs Turkey
Facebook Screenshot: Raised Hunting

Overly-Aggressive Turkey Beats Up Decoy and Then Chases Hunter Away

This guy was just trying to save his decoy, but ended up saving himself.

We've always said that you needed the right firearm for the right situation, but even we didn't know that turkey hunting was sometimes a survival situation. Especially from the birds themselves. These hunters find themselves in a situation you do not run across every day.

This fellow that had to run for his life from a Tom that was ready to brawl. This guy comes right into the decoy setup and he is clearly ticked off because the young turkey starts beating up the decoy.

Decoys are expensive, and this was clearly not a bird these guys wanted to shoot, so one of them sends his buddy out to retrieve the decoy before it gets wrecked. However, the turkey was not done yet and ends up chasing the hunter too!

Some hunting buddy. He just sits there and laughs hysterically while his friend gets chased away by the turkey. Then again, if we were in that situation, this is probably what we would have done too. It is too good of a moment to not capture on video! If you're wondering why they didn't shoot that bird maybe it was just a case of some quality hunters that already had their Tom.

Whatever the case you don't get to see a turkey be the boss of the hunter very often! Everyone always thinks of turkeys as being dumb but this video showed they can be quite aggressive too! He simply was not done beating up that decoy just yet. Even the appearance of a hunter was not enough to stop this determined bird's attack!

Cheers to these guys for sharing their video and sparing the bird.