4 Reasons Keeping Pet Goats is a Great Idea

Next to backyard chickens, goats are the second most common farm animal people raise as pets, and this is why you should definitely consider keeping goats as pets. Baby goats are arguably one of the cutest farm animals you'll ever see — I mean, there's a reason why goats are the second most common farm animals people choose to raise as a pet. Other than being utterly adorable, goats make great pets.

Besides, goats also have the added benefits of potential milk production (hello goat cheese!), land management, and all the goat yoga you can take!

Are goats legal to keep as pets?

No longer restricted to being the star at petting zoos, more and more people are becoming goat owners and keeping goats as pets.

With charming dog-like personalities and a cuteness factor at 100 percent, goats make excellent animal companions (especially if you are a homesteader — goats make great pets for homesteading children!). But if you are not entirely convinced why goats make a great addition to your family, here are 4 reasons why raising goats is a great idea (hello there, future goat owner!).

1. Goats are Super Friendly and Affectionate

The main reason why people keep pet goats is that, like most dogs, they can form very close bonds with humans. Goats are herd animals by nature; they prefer the company of other goats. Being a herd animal, goats are very social animals and can become very attached to their humans.

Goats love attention and will follow you everywhere if you let them. These barnyard animals are very affectionate (they love getting pets!), friendly, and love to play — just be sure to get your pet goat a goat buddy, as they should never be raised as the "only goat".

2. There Are Many Breeds to Choose From

There are over 300 goat breeds and while nearly any breed of goat can make a good pet, the smaller breeds, like any miniature goats, are most popular as pet goats. Nigerian Dwarf goats and Pygmy goats are the most commonly kept breeds as pets.

Other than Nigerian Dwarfs and Pygmies, smaller goats that make great pets are:

? Nubian-Nigerian cross breed — while pure Nubians might be too large for keeping as a pet, the cross breed might just be the perfect size.
? Kinder goats — crossbred from Pygmies and Nubians, Kinder goats are easy to keep and their docile nature makes them great pets for children.

3. They Are Excellent Groundskeepers

As a browser animal, goats will eat every growing thing they set their eyes on. Luckily, that also means your weeds in the yard — that's right, goats love to eat weeds, and they will happily chomp up all the weeds in your yard... and maybe even your flowers. (Be sure to keep those away!) Talk about excellent land management skills!

4. Pet Goats Can Give You Milk

If you get a number of goats with both male goats and female goats, your goat herd can become a good source of milk for you and your family, especially if you have dairy goats. Of course, in order to give milk, goats have to be pregnant and give birth before being able to produce milk.

Now, before you go running out and get yourself one, be sure to do your homework and find out if they are indeed the right pet for you! Pro tip: Wethers, which are castrated males, make the best pet goats.