Glock 19
YouTube: Matt Rittman

Detailed 3-D Animation Demonstrates How a Glock 19 Works

The Glock 19 is a highly engineered tool.

Love them or hate them, Glock pistols are here to stay. These semi-automatic sidearms have fully wormed their way into modern culture as one of the most popular polymer frame guns on the market. Known for their durability and reliability, these handguns are used widely by law enforcement and for self-defense purposes.

Looking at the Glock, many people consider them ugly, no matter if they're Gen 3, Gen 4, or even the most recent new Glock Gen 5s. It's hard to appreciate just how much engineering goes into one of these "safe action" pistols on a surface level.

Which is why we find this animation from Matt Rittman on YouTube so fascinating. This short 3-D rendering goes into extraordinary detail on how this gun works. From the ammo feed to the trigger pull and the rifling of the barrel, it gives us a new appreciation for how the Glock 19 operates.

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This precision engineering is what brings this gun its reliability and that's why so many people have made this gun part of their armory.

One big selling point of the 19 is the magazine capacity. The standard model uses 15-round magazines, but it easily handles 10-round magazines for those in states with restrictions like New York. There is literally a Glock 19 for everyone thanks to the plethora of aftermarket parts, backstraps and models with and without finger grooves. In recent years, the company also introduced the Glock 19x, which it brands as the "crossover" between the 17 and 19 since it features a Glock 17 frame and larger magazine capacity.

The engineering on firearms never ceases to amaze us. We knew the basics about how many things like the cartridge feed, the slide stop and the drop safety worked. Seeing them in action just helps us appreciate this firearm even more. The Glock 19 is an excellent concealed carry gun because it falls between the full-size Glock 17 and the fully compact Glock 26 when it comes to 9x19mm handguns.

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