Girlfriend Of Missing Hiker Blasts Greek Officials Over Inaction
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Girlfriend Of Missing Hiker Blasts Greek Officials Over Inaction

A retired California cop went hiking in Greece and hasn't been since. He's one of seven tourists to go missing or die in Greece so far in June. Now, his girlfriend is blasting Greek officials for inaction. She said they're not doing enough to find them, forcing his family and friends to try to find him on their own.

"I'm totally disgusted with the way we've been treated," Debbie Leshane told The New York Post. Former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy Albert Calibet has been missing for a week. He went hiking on the island of Amorgos and disappeared.

"Albert has been a first responder since he was 25 years old. Everybody deserves to be searched for. But he really, honestly deserves it," Leshane said. She and Albert's brother traveled to Greece to look for him. They've formed a search party with family and friends, searching the area. Temperatures have reached a blistering degrees over the past few days.

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Hiker Missing In Greece

"We actually literally had splinters going through our shoes into our feet. It's ridiculous, it's the seventh day and we're beyond panic," she said. According to Leshane, Greek officials flew a helicopter for just two hours on one day to search for him. They haven't used the aircraft since nor used drones or dogs to search. They've turned down offers from the family to pay them to use these tools. Likewise, she said that officials stop searching at sundown.

"Let's just go to bed and let Albert sleep outside," she said. The family has been searching late into the evening. Albert went missing after going for a hike Tuesday morning. He's a veteran hiker and also a dual citizen in Greece. He never arrived at his expected destination. His last text to his sister was that of a trail sign.

He hasn't responded to anyone's texts since. Authorities have refused to tap into his phone records. Leshane has criticized the U.S. Embassy for not doing more to help find the missing hiker. She said they should have mounted a search effort.

"The United States also dropped the ball," she said. Currently, the hiker has been missing for a week now. Leshane refuses to give up hope that she will find him alright. "I'm gonna stay here until they find the love of my life," said Leshane. We'll keep you updated on the situation.