Brutal Giraffe Fight is Neck and Neck

Here's a minute or two of incredible footage showing two giraffes violently battling by swinging and batting their necks into each other. Brutal!

An epic battle took place in South Africa's Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park, a game reserve in the KwaZulu Natal Province. Two giant, adult giraffes engaged each other in a battle for dominance.

The two bulls used their massive necks to swat at one another and try to throw their opponent off balance. The dust was flying and the power exhibited by the two normally slow moving behemoths was a sight to behold.

It is slightly jarring to see animals that are usually docile aggressively trying to hurt one another.

The two bulls were fighting for dominance and for the right to mate with a nearby cow. They repeatedly swing their nearly 500 pound necks at one another, slamming their heads and necks into the body and legs of their fellow combatant.

At times it appeared as though one or the other would lose his balance, but their 3,000 pound bodies are apparently able to take quite a beating. Generally, the male giraffe that can maintain his balance and hold himself more erect than his foe is the victor.

Surely such stability and balance would impress a prospective female!

This behavior in giraffes is known as "necking" and can last upwards of half an hour. Usually such bouts are ended amicably, but there have been instances where jaws and necks have been broken, and some have even resulted in death.

Interestingly, such bouts often conclude with the male giraffes gently caressing one another. This too is an interesting behavior, particularly as it follows such a brutal battle where thousands of pounds of force are directed at knocking one's opponent off his feet.

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