water mocassin
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Giant Water Moccasin Spotted Swimming Through Swamp

This snake was big enough to make you turn the boat around.

One of the many beauties of fishing is that, if you have a boat, you have the luxury of covering a ton of water and shorelines.

With all traveled distance, you're almost sure to see some interesting wildlife, whether that's a group of turtles sitting on a log, an alligator quietly breaching the surface or, in this case, a massive snake.

Now, there isn't a whole lot of context to go with the following clip, so it's hard to determine exactly what we have here.

From the looks of it, these guys are fishing a flooded river somewhere, as the water is brown and there are submerged trees that look like they'd normally be dry.

We also see what appears to be a massive water moccasin cruising at the same speed as their boat, although there's no way to be sure.

You be the judge: is this a water moccasin?

Watch the video below:

I suppose it's possible it's a water snake of some kind, but it's the way it's swimming that really throws me off. Water snakes typically swim with their bodies submerged and only their heads showing. This snake swims like a water moccasin.

Seeing a water moccasin is no rare occurrence, but it's unlikely you'd ever see one quite this large in your lifetime.

What would you do if you were swimming and saw this thing slithering past you? How long do you think you could last in the water?

Have you ever seen a snake this big in the water? Let us know!