Hybrid Bluegill
YouTube: Ty PigPatrol

Angler Jigs Up Ridiculously Chunky Hybrid Bluegill From Small Farm Pond


This bluegill looks like it has been abusing steroids.

Is there anything better than a ridiculously large panfish? We did not think so. Almost all anglers love seeing a true giant because they are so few and far between. This year, one of our favorite fishing YouTubers, Ty PigPatrol, has been making a point to target some of the largest bluegills and sunfish we have ever seen.

For today's video, he's fishing with his dad on a small Midwestern farm pond. Conditions are perfect because a front just moved through the area, and the fish are extremely hungry. It does not take long for them to get on a mess of bluegills and crappie.

The real highlight of the day is a true giant of a hybrid bluegill that will make your jaw drop. It is not often one sees a panfish that could quite literally fill the whole pan!


This is the type of action we dream about every time we go out fishing. In case you have never heard of a gillcracker before, we did a little research, and it appears it is a hybrid of a regular bluegill and a redear sunfish (aka: a shellcracker).

Whatever it is, that is one of the most impressive panfish we have ever seen caught on video. You know the panfish is big when one can barely get their hand around the body. The coloration of this fish was gorgeous too.

This looks like a perfect day of fishing to us. There is not much better than boating a fish on nearly every single cast. Part of the fun is also not knowing what they may be reeling in next. We also love the simplicity of this day of fishing. Simple jigheads with worms on them. No gimmicks, no fancy, expensive lures. Just old school fishing at its finest.

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