Dolphin Fish
YouTube: BlacktipH

Giant Dolphin Fish Puts Up Huge Fight for Saltwater Angler

This is the biggest dolphin fish BlacktipH has ever caught.

When you're out on the open ocean saltwater fishing, the situation can change in a hurry. No one knows that better than one of our favorite ocean fishing gurus, BlacktipH. In today's video he's down in Guatemala to go fishing with the guides of Casa Vieja Lodge. The goal of the day is tuna, but things change in a hurry when they spot a huge school of dolphin fish, aka: Mahi-Mahi or Dorado.

It doesn't take long for Josh to hook into one of these fierce fighting fish and it just happens to be the biggest dolphin fish he has ever caught.

As if that wasn't enough, the group also catch a couple of sailfish and spot a massive whale during what turns out to be a truly memorable day on the water.

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What a dolphin fish and a day of fishing! In case you're wondering, the world record for a mahi-mahi, as recognized by the International Game Fish Association is a whopping 87 pounds. So, Josh's fish was big, but nowhere near world class. However, we should note that dorados over 30 pounds are not common and a 50+ pounder like Josh caught here is even more uncommon. Talk about the fish of a lifetime!

That color change you saw in this video is not uncommon either. Still, it's rather wild to see a bright yellow fish go to a metallic blue in a matter of only minutes. Amazingly, this species rarely lives more than a few years, making it one of the fastest-growing saltwater fishes to swim the world's oceans.

As if the fight and the beauty of this fish were not enough, they also have a great reputation as an eating fish as you saw at the end of the video. Looks like a great day of fishing in Guatemala to us. Looks like we're adding yet another angling destination to our bucket list of dream places to visit one day!

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