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Get Your Graduate This Engraved Class of 2017 Graduation Water Bottle

Hey! This is clearly MY water bottle.

What is the perfect gift for a grad? While there are plenty of options, an engraved water bottle is a smart choice. When I was in college, there was nothing I appreciated more than having a water bottle that stood out from the rest: in other words, no one even tried to steal my water bottle, which is more than can be said for my friends.

If you've got a grad to shop for soon, snag them this really cool personalized water bottle. Not only will it show them how much you care, but it also shows them that they deserve a one-of-a-kind gift. You can get this stainless steel bottle along with laser engraving for just $22.99.

Water Bottle - Class of 2017

water bottle

Aside from the cool design, this water bottle is made of single-wall stainless steel construction and includes an easy-to-remove and tighten twist-on top. The water bottle also comes laser engraved with "Class of 2017" with your personalized message at the bottom.

Don't be stumped on a gift any longer. This free customization water bottle is sure to make your grad feel special.