German Shepherd Is NO Help Making a Snowman, Eats Snow Instead

This German Shepherd tries to help build a snowman, but his excitement gets the better of him. 

Do you want to build a snowman? This German Shepherd certainly does, but he's just so excited to be playing in the snow that it turns out he's not all that helpful. Still, this pup is adorable, and he's certainly trying to help, even if he's missing the point a little bit.

If you've ever played with your dog in the snow, you know just how much some dogs love snow. They can chase snowballs, make snow angels, and just have a great time. And this German Shepherd puppy is having a great time in the white stuff, even if the idea of building a snowman is proving to be unsuccessful.

Take a look at this cute pup!

A snow day can be the perfect time to take your dog out to get some exercise and playtime in. Think about taking a hike in the woods or playing with your dog in your yard. If you head out for a walk, keep an eye out for ponds and water which may be only lightly frozen over, or are covered with snow so that you can keep your dog from falling into ice water.

Your dog will probably love a snowy walk. Even though he'll likely eat some snow as you go, you'll need to give him water breaks just like you would on any other walk. Moving in snow is difficult, so your dog will get tired more quickly, and he'll probably need some water.

Of course, you can always try building a snowman with your dog. Maybe you'll have more luck than the man in the video did!

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