Here's Some Great General Elk Hunting Tips From Kristy Titus

If you're in need of some general elk hunting tips, I've got a few to remember.

In the latest episode of Tips from the Wild as part of the Pursue The Wild series, I share a few general elk hunting tips that will help increase your success this archery elk season.

Calling and being a successful archery elk hunter is simply time on the mountain learning to judge elk behavior, what they are telling you with their vocalizations, and putting all of that information together to create the best strategy that you can with the information that you know at the time.

  • Tell a story with your vocalizations
  • When to bugle and when to be quiet
  • Dealing with non-shooters
  • Calming a barking elk
  • Use of scents while on the hunt
  • Use of decoys
  • Trust your camo