This Gear Will Make Your Hunt Better, So Don't Forget It

If you want to cover all your hunting bases, remember these things.

As we progress further into the 21st Century, improvements and technological advancements are constantly being made in the realm of hunting. Weapons are lighter and more accurate. Clothing is warmer and more durable. Wind speed and direction can be precisely judged.

Adding advanced gear and equipment can give you a distinct upper hand in your hunt and taking care of your harvest. With modern-day technology, you make your life easier and hunting more enjoyable.

Camouflage and Face Paint

The ability to blend into a background has been a survival trait for animals since they began hunting each other. And it's no different for hunters. We camouflage ourselves to maintain stealth, narrowing the distance for the kill.

Hundreds of camouflage patterns, spanning every climate, exist with a wide variety of applicators. With uses on nearly all your equipment, wraps like McNett's Camo Form will protect and disguise your hunting tools. Covering your weapon, binoculars and any other tools is as easy as wrapping a present. The fabric is designed to form to any equipment, is easily removed and capable of being reused. It also serves as a great barrier between your hand and smoking or freezing gun.

When it comes to face camo, the days of scratching your skin with stale paint are gone. Today's face camo includes sticks of paint that are designed to roll onto your skin, applying a gentle coat of smudge-proof, fast-drying camouflage. The roller allows you to keep your fingers free of paint so you avoid covering all your equipment with the sticky mess.

Setting Up


Masking your scent isn't always the easiest task; there are too many factors you need to take into account. As the wind's speed and direction constantly change, animals can be made aware of your presence in a heartbeat — the Firefly Electronic Wind Detector can help with that. The tool records 512 readings every second and displays them with LED lights, giving you wind speed and direction. It also provides a compass reading and runs on two AAA batteries, allowing you to carry extras on your longer trips without adding significant weight.

Whether you're on the ground or in a stand, always be prepared for the possibility of a bear stumbling upon your site. In order to stop a potential attack, you'll want a can of industrial-strength pepper spray, like bear mace. A held trigger squeeze will release just over 5 seconds of continuous spray and reaches out to 30 feet, offering non-lethal protection from a distance.

Managing the Harvest

If you're a trapper or taxidermist, once you've bagged your harvest, it's time to prepare the pelt or hide. For this, the Minnesota Trapline Pelt/Hide Fleshing Tool makes large workloads seem less like a chore and more like the hobby you enjoy. It's double sided, razor sharp and a huge time saver.

Another great tool for the taxidermists, as well as hunters, is the Rackulator antler scoring device. With an electronic wheel and tape measure, the tool logs measurements at the push of a button, giving accurate readings on the gross and net tally of a kill. It saves you the hassle of pulling out five different tools to do the same job — and it calculates everything for you.