Pocket Shot Survival Kit
Travis Smola

Gear Review: The Pocket Shot Survival Kit

This survival kit is quite compact.

Pocket Shot is a company that keeps adding to their ever-growing library of products. The company's unique circular design slingshots use a pouch design to launch steel ammo at a high rate of speed. They are simple, but quite fun for youngsters and adults alike. At this point I have had the chance to test almost the entire line of slingshots including the original, the Pocket Shot Hammer and their best product so far, the Pocket Shot 2.0.

Well, it did not take long after the company announced the new Pocket Shot Survival Kit for it to arrive in my mailbox for a review.

Today we will take a quick look at the contents of this new kit and tell you if it is worth adding to your outdoor supplies this year.

Simple, but quality

Pocket Shot Survival Kit

Travis Smola

In my previous reviews of Pocket Shot products, I have noted how these slingshots lend themselves well as a "just in case" item for if you ever find yourself in a survival scenario. They take some getting used to become proficient, but you could potentially take small game with one of these. It would not be easy, but it would be easier than taking game with something you crafted in the field.

After the arrow kit and 2.0, I was curious what they would do next. The answer was the Pocket Shot Survival Kit. This kit includes the standard orange pocket shot, an extra black pouch and the "Pro" pouch that gives a little more velocity to whatever you are shooting. I am not going to go into detail on the Pocket Shot itself since I already reviewed that. You can read my thoughts on the slingshot itself here.

Today we will focus just on the survival kit and contents. One smart thing Pocket Shot did was packaging this kit with a zip case. The case feels like a quality item and holds both your slingshot and the survival gear in one nifty little package. This would be simply to throw in a glovebox, boat, camper or tacklebox for emergencies. Much like the VSSL Camp Supplies survival kit I reviewed last month, Pocket Shot decided to package everything into a small, waterproof tin. I dig it. It keeps everything neat and organized for when you need it.

Included in the survival kit are the following items:

  • Fishing line
  • Fishing hooks
  • Plastic grub
  • Heavy foil
  • Flint and striker
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Cotton timber
  • Wire
  • Wire saw
  • Razor blade
  • Safety pins
  • A bag of 5/16 steel ammo for the Pocketshot

This is a simple kit, but they did manage to pack some nice essentials in there. The compass, flint and striker and whistle are all combined into one tiny unit. The whistle may not look like much, but it has a shrill, high-pitched sound. Unless there is a lot of background noise, someone is going to hear it when you signal for help. The striker is small, but I was able to produce plenty of sparks with it. Lighting a fire will not be easy, but I would rather have this than nothing.

The included fishing gear seems more than adequate for catching small trout of panfish. I do wish Pocket Shot would have included more than one grub for bait, and some additional hook sizes but you can easily add to this with your own. Even with everything packed in, there was still plenty of space in the tin for additional items you may want to add.

Pocket Shot Survival Kit

Travis Smola

The included heavy foil could be used for a variety of purposes including preparing food and as a signal mirror. I found it catches the sun quite nicely. The razor blade and safety pins can be put to work for a variety of odd jobs if you find yourself stuck in the wilderness.

The last item I want to mention is the wire saw. I tested a similar saw in the VSSL survival kit recently and I liked the Pocket Shot's saw a little better. It is a slightly larger wire and it cuts a little faster and more cleanly than the VSSL saw. The loops on the end are also easier to hold. This thing will help you cut firewood or put together a makeshift shelter in a pinch.

The bottom line

Pocket Shot Survival Kit

Travis Smola

As I already noted, the tin feels oversized for this survival kit. That is a good thing. That means there is room to add some additional gear to it. Some bandages or other first aid items, pain relievers, a small pocket knife and tweezers would be some of my suggestions.

This kit is one of the simpler ones on the market. However, the items are solid quality.  It helps they are only charging around $35 for this kit. That is dirt cheap. If you were thinking of getting one of the original Pocket Shot slingshots anyway for recreational use, this is a good buy. Even if you just throw the survival kit in with your fishing and hunting gear, this the nicest product Pocket Shot has introduced since the 2.0 slingshot.

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