ORCA Chasertini

Gear Review: ORCA Chasertini

I spent a recent hot Saturday doing spring yard work, and a frosty mixed drink was calling my name. But I was not ready to go inside. I wanted to sip it slowly and I wanted it to stay cold. Enter the ORCA Chasertini martini glass. This handy little drink holder saved the day.

It is a metal martini holder designed for maximum usability. Gone are the days of tip toeing around with fragile stemware. This glass can stand up to long periods spent outside, active beach days, rowdy bonfire parties, backyard BBQs, tailgating, you name it.

This stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-sealed bad boy has elevated the game. It is shatterproof, and the bottom is coated with a rubber grip material to keep it steady. Even if you do knock it off the table, it does not matter. This thing is not going to break. I knocked it off quite a few times just to see. Not a scratch.

Thanks to the the ORCA signature Whale Tail flip top lid, a tip does not spill the drink's contents. The lid is see-through and BPA-free, too. Lock it down and that drink is going nowhere. The Chasertini can also pull double duty as a dish for ice cream or anything else that needs to stay cold.

Due to the interior being copper clad for superior temperature retention, it actually keeps drinks cold for a very long time. Like all day long. I had no issue with my drink losing its integrity. The Chasertini kept it perfect.

The ORCA Chasertini comes in lots of fun hues, including seafoam, dusty rose, pink, pearl, and sage. It has an eight fluid ounce capacity, and retails for $32.99.

ORCA products are designed, powder coated and shipped from their facility in Nashville, Tennessee, and responsibly sourced from China.

Pros: Durable, comes in cute colors, comfortable to hold, and spill proof. It is basically a sippy cup for grown ups.

Cons: Although ORCA stainless steel drinkware is generally top shelf dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for the Chasertini. It should not be put in the freezer or the microwave.