Gear Review: The AMP Performance Long Sleeve Shirt

The AMP Performance Long Sleeve keeps you cool and dry like no other angling performance gear.

American Made Performance prides itself on making apparel in America that doesn't skimp on quality and never compromises on performance. The AMP Performance Long Sleeve is just one of many testaments to this creed.

When first I pulled the AMP Performance Long Sleeve over my head, the material felt soft and yet uncompromising.

Once on the river I felt warm as the wind didn't penetrate the shirt, but I never overheated. I love the artwork of Ryan Keene that covers the back of the Brookie Moon variety.

When I was casting on the river the shirt never bunched up on me and was not tight in anyway. It felt almost as though I was't wearing a shirt, that's how light and breathable the fabric was.

These shirts come with many different patterns and there is also a hoodie variety. As is the case with most AMP gear, this shirt comes with the features that set American Made Performance products above the rest.

The AMP BLOCK - UPF/SPF 50+ Performance helps block nasty UV rays. All their gear is breathable and moisture wicking. Plus, the AMP GUARD anti-microbial and stain resistant feature really helps keep things from getting funky.

Consider getting one of these before your next angling adventure: $39.95, Amazon.