Gear Review: The AMP Lite Hat in Trout Trio Flank

Here's why the AMP Lite Hat - Trout Trio Flank is probably among the best fishing hats you'll ever buy.

The fact that all American Made Performance products are crafted from start to finish in the U.S. is just one of the reasons the AMP Lite Hat should be on your head right now.

This hat floats and weights a mere 1.8 ounces, making it extremely comfortable and breathable when worn on the water. Adorned with the stellar artwork of Ryan Keene, this Trout Trio Flank pattern is a marvel to see up close.

The one size fits all style made this hat easy to secure to my head, and simple to adjust when switching between wearing it frontwards and backwards. The material was soft on my head, but kept the winds and sun at bay.

This Trout Trio Flank pattern, like all other AMP hats, is made with 100% polyester. As per standard this hat comes with the features that set American Made Performance products a par above the rest. They include AMP BLOCK, the UPF/SPF 50+ Performance that helps block nasty UV rays. AMP hats are also breathable and moisture wicking, and feature AMP GUARD, a finish that makes it anti-microbial and stain resistant.

Consider getting one of these before your next angling adventure. They're only $28.95 on Amazon.