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Garmin Alpha 10 Offers Hunters Smaller, Lighter Tracking Unit

Garmin's new compact tracking unit allows hunters to pair to other Garmin devices.

Since its expansion into the hunting and fishing markets, Garmin has seemingly never taken its foot off the gas pedal. Just as soon as users get their bearings with one of Garmin's units, yet another product hits the shelves ready to revolutionize the way we approach the outdoors.

Some of their biggest strides, however, have been in the gun dog niche, as their tracking/training devices unquestionably rule the industry.

Their newest product, the Alpha 10, takes Garmin's proven sporting dog technology and puts it into the smallest and lightest package the line has ever seen.

While it does operate efficiently as a standalone unit, hunters can also pair it with compatible smartphones or tablets, or they can even pair it with other Garmin devices as somewhat of a buddy-tracking system.

"When outdoors with your dogs, your activity will change, but one thing remains constant—the need to quickly determine their location and help keep them safe. The Alpha 10 provides outdoors enthusiasts with a unique dog tracking and training solution for various situations," said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. "Dogs are our best friends, but the Alpha 10 will be your closest companion in the outdoors whether you are hiking, hunting or just outside exploring with your dog. Additionally, its compact design allows users to go light, go far, and engage with Alpha 10 only when wanted or needed."

Alpha 10

Elite tracking and training now measures just 2.6 by 4.8 inches and weighs only 5.6 ounces, as the Alpha 10 will help locate up to 20 dogs as far away as 9 miles using built-in GPS, and updates at a 2.5-second clip. A high-contrast screen allows hunters to see exactly where their dogs are with a directional arrow and an exact distance to each paired collar.

Customizable training functions include both tone and vibration, as well as 18 levels of momentary or continuous stimulation.

And, like most Garmin products, it will survive through just about any hunt you have planned, as its battery will hold a charge for up to a week or 40 hours of constant use, and its IPX7 water rating will stand up to all of the natural elements.

Pairing Capabilities

Where the Alpha 10 really shines for a lot of devoted bird hunters is in its ability to pair to other devices. Using the Garmin Explore smart device app, you can pair it to your phone or your tablet for real-time tracking, which offers additional features such as off-grid navigation, customizable tracking lines and even the ability to replay hunts to relive your favorite highlights.

For avid hunters who like to invite friends along, the Alpha 10 is a no-brainer. By pairing to another Garmin dog tracking device, such as the Alpha 200i, your guest can see the location of both you and your dog. This is particularly helpful when hunting with a bird dog in the grouse woods or with a hound for bears in the mountains, as thick vegetation can make it hard to keep eyes on your fellow hunters. The Alpha 10's two-way connectivity eliminates the need for constant communication.

If needed, users can also share predefined messages between units.

While the Alpha 10 aims to shine among hunters, it's also great for those who just like to explore with their dogs. Not only is it compatible with the Alpha 200i, but also with the following smartwatches and navigational devices: Instinct, fenix, tactix, DriveTrack, Montana 700 and Tread.

The Alpha 10 starts at $399.

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