alligator gar

Full Video Behind the Slo-mo Alligator Gar Clip That Broke the Internet

A clip of this monster alligator gar took the Internet by storm, and now we have the full story! 

Josh Dolin is, without a doubt, one extreme kayak angler. He travels all around the county looking for the biggest and baddest fish he can find in hopes to catch them from his kayak.

It wasn't too long ago that Josh's slo-mo video of him fighting an enormous alligator gar went viral throughout the fishing community. Now we get an insider look at just how that whole scenario went down!

Watch the video below to find out for yourself!

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As you can see, there was a whole lot of prep work and perseverance that went into landing that fish. Sure, you can paddle out there and get lucky in an afternoon, but spending days hunting a big fish like this and finally landing it is far more rewarding!

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