field dressing

Full Body Field Dressing Suit, Would You Use It?

The dirty job of field dressing your harvest may have a quick fix in the Field Shield Pack.

No matter what animal you harvest, the follow up is always field dressing the animal. Larger the animal, the larger the mess. The Field Shield Pack might be a quick fix to keeping you from blood on your clothes, blood on your skin, and other messes and smells that come from the 'gutting' process.

Check out these videos and see if you think you would use this.

In a time with so much advancement in technology and innovation in our industry, new products cause a lot of buzz. This product is as simple as they come, but it serves a great purpose.

Part of me enjoys the messy process of field dressing and getting my hands bloody. Maybe I am weird or old school, but it connects you with the animal in some sorts.

BUT, I see this product having a very great purpose and use. Especially on backpacking trips and when you are hunting public ground because of the blaze orange visuals. Or when you need to get somewhere quickly and need a quick and clean job.

Beyond hunting, the Field Shield Pack seems to have a few very beneficial uses. Especially changing a flat tire along an interstate or working on your vehicle on the side of the road.

Just toss one in the back of your truck and use it as needed until your next hunt comes along.

Let us know if you think this product is necessary.


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