Hands-On Review: FORLOH AllClima Pants and Rain Jacket

If you don't know, FORLOH is a rapidly growing all-American hunting brand. They make their clothing right here in America, and they include some pretty awesome technology in their products, too. FORLOH launched in 2020, and they are appearing in more and more places in the hunting industry. The first time I saw them was at a whitetail convention in Texas, and their most recent publicity comes from Duck Commander's Willie Robertson, who recently became a FORLOH ambassador.

Luckily for me, FORLOH is eager to send gear for testing, and I got to check out a few of their products and share what I think with an honest opinion. If I'm working on a review and the gear sucks, I will be the first to let you know. Spoiler alert: FORLOH makes high-quality gear that doesn't suck.

The two pieces I got to use were a pair of woven pants and a rain jacket, both of which are part of FORLOH's AllClima lineup. This collection is made to put up with any weather, and it does a fine job. This lineup is made of a totally waterproof pant and jacket, along with a woven pant/softshell jacket combo, and a lighter pant/jacket combo.

How I Tested This Gear

I tested the FORLOH Stretch Woven Pants along with their 3L Rain Jacket, both in FORLOH Green. This year, I only hunted in my home state of Georgia, so I wore the pants on many early season hunts. The Georgia weather is fairly warm, so for the better part of September through October, I was able to wear the woven pants and feel comfortable. When the temperatures dropped into the high 30s and low 40s, I was able to get away with wearing the woven pants with a base layer underneath. All in all, I wore the pants on a couple dozen hunts that ranged from 38 degrees to 82 degrees.

I wore the 3L Rain Jacket throughout the same period. I didn't bring it on every hunt because it is built for rain and high winds, but I was able to bring it on about a half-dozen hunts where it was either raining or had the potential to rain. I did get to sit in the stand for a few hours through a steady rain with this jacket, and I was kept completely dry. The extent of my review is predicated on my hands-on experience in the field during this deer and bear season.

The Versatile AllClima Stretch Woven Pant

The AllClima Woven Pants are FORLOH's midweight pants and they work great for a wide range of temperatures. As I mentioned before, I was able to wear them on a varied level of temperatures during my hunts. I would not say these are cold-weather pants by any means. They aren't thin, but they are not insulated for near-freezing temperatures. They are 84% Poly/14% Spandex, so if you wear these without a solid base layer with temperatures in the 30s, you will get cold. That being said, they are perfect for the warmer early season.

They even have zip-up vents on each hip that are approximately 12 inches long and allow you to shed a little heat when it warms up in the afternoon or when you're on the move. What I liked about the vents is that they have a thick mesh in them that you can't really see through, so the deer couldn't see my glowing white legs when I had the vents open.

When I first got the pants, I couldn't help but notice the huge knee pads. Right away I thought they were a little on the ugly side. While I may still believe that, I was surprised to see just how functional those knee pads are. There is an AbraSynthetic Ultra Suede foam bonded and water-resistant knee pad on both knees, and it is very comfortable to rest on. I ended up using the knee pads more than I thought I would, too! Would I be mad if a later version of the pants didn't have the knee pads? No. But after using them a bit, I don't think they are as ugly as I did at first.

These pants are water-resistant, not waterproof. If you are wearing them in the stand for a light rain, these pants will do just fine. However, if you are trekking through some wet terrain or there is a heavy downpour, your legs will get wet and you are better off going with the 3L Rain Pants that match the jacket I was sent.

I was also happy to see plenty of pockets on these pants, six in total. Plus, they have YKK zippers with easy-to-grab rubber tips. There are also ample belt loops, which I personally like. Another little detail I enjoy is the strip silicone grip material inside the waistline that keeps everything in place. All and all, these are great pants. They have gone through a whole season with me and still look brand new.

The Everything-Proof AllClima 3L Rain Jacket

The AllClima 3L Rain Jacket is a winner, too. It is totally waterproof and also windproof. I am always skeptical of those claims, but I have tested this jacket in the field and in the sink; and I can say that no matter how long I let water soak on it, it never goes through it. It also has waterproof zippers that work exceptionally well. FORLOH uses a "double DWR Water-repellent treatment using pulse plasma technology that coats every fiber of the three layers individually, creating a more permanent waterproofing solution."

The 3L Rain Jacket does not have any insulation and is not going to keep you warm. However, it is a great outer layer that will stop the wind and rain in their tracks. Like the pants, it has plenty of pockets: four on the front, one on your left shoulder, and one interior breast pocket. It also has two more zippers in each armpit that open up as vents. These vents do not have any mesh like the pants, but they add to the breathability. I think the jacket is fairly breathable as is, but if you are moving a lot, opening those vents is a great way to cut down on sweat.

The jacket feels like high-quality material, and has raglan sleeves for more mobility. It will last a long time whether you are a stand hunter like me in the Southeast or a mule deer chaser in the West. I am not nice to gear, and I have ripped through briar patches with this jacket—but you can't even tell. It even includes RECCO technology, which I just learned makes you searchable to professional rescuers with these special RECCO detectors. That added security honestly gives me more peace of mind while out on a solo hunt.

Patrick Long

It is no secret that FORLOH gear is expensive. The jacket and pants cost $379 and $249, respectively. I couldn't help but think I could buy a new rifle for that combined price, but you get what you pay for with hunting gear. Plus, FORLOH gear is all American-made, and it has a ton of awesome technology that I only scratched the surface of here.

The big question is: If I had not been sent this gear, would I buy it myself knowing what I know now? I admit, I was highly skeptical of this gear at first because of the price, but it is genuinely solid gear. I would certainly buy the matching rain suit, and the woven pants and softshell jacket combo would work nicely here in Georgia, too. All in all, I'm very satisfied with FORLOH, and I can't wait to wear this gear next hunting season.