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Outdoor Channel's 'For Love or Likes' Fools Fans, Will Test the Skills of Social Media Huntresses

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Can these 'Instafamous' huntresses really hunt?

The Outdoor Channel turned the hunting world into a tizzy March 18 when they released a teaser clip for a new show called 'For Love or Likes.'

Mimicking ABC's hit series 'The Bachelor,' but with an obvious outdoor, camo-wearing, whitetail-loving spin, the condemnation was swift, with many folks upset with the show's premise, and some going as far as to call for a boycott of the channel amid cries of sexism.

As it turns out, it was simply a cruel and rather well-played April Fools' joke.

Here's a peek at the first (and false) cringe-worthy concept:


Can Matt Busbice find his true love on the FIRST EVER Redneck Bachelor TV show???Catch the NEW Series "For Love or Likes" - The hunt begins on April 5th at 7pm ET!

Posted by Outdoor Channel on Sunday, March 18, 2018

You have to hand it to the Outdoor Channel; with hundreds of complaints flooding their Facebook page by the hour, they kept the ruse going for a full day, eventually posting the real concept and teaser clip on the evening of March 19.

As it turns out, 'For Love or Likes' will be a hard-fought televised competition that will pit 'Instafamous' huntresses in real-life challenges to see if they can back up the claims they portray on their social media channels.

You know the women we're talking about: naturally goodlooking gals who share stunning photos of successful hunts, with tens of thousands of loyal followers yearning for the next post. For some reason, the greater hunting public, and usually the industry, is often skeptical of their claims. This first of it's kind reality event should hopefully put those arguments to rest.

Do these women hunt for the love of the sport or simply for the likes?

Here's the real trailer:


Did you see the Redneck Bachelor Spoof?Here’s the OFFICIAL teaser clip of “For Love or Likes” – Series Premieres April 5th at 7pm ET

Posted by Outdoor Channel on Monday, March 19, 2018

What are you thoughts? Will you be tuning in to the first episode?

'For Love or Likes' premiers on the Outdoor Channel April 5 at 7pm ET.

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Outdoor Channel's 'For Love or Likes' Fools Fans, Will Test the Skills of Social Media Huntresses