Folding Camping Tables: 5 Good Picks for Your Campsite

Here are five solid picks for your next camping table.

In lieu of using that oldie-moldy picnic table that has been on your campsite for a generation, a good quality camping table is the right choice for most camping excursions.

You may not think a table is the perfect choice for taking on a boondocking trip since you will have to carry it all the way there and back, but many are lightweight and built to be packed down. And for car campers and backyard campers, a good table to place your things on makes everything more comfortable and easy to use.

Camping tables come in a range of sizes for every need. We'll simply give you a run down of some proper choices that consistently rate high based on usefulness, design, and price point.

We consider a camping table to be a portable table that typically weighs less than 20 pounds. As with any travel table, we suggest you look for built-in handles, rust-proof materials, stability, and ease of set-up. Here are a few recommendations.

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

Don't let the simple looks and design fool you. This table is priced right, has all the features you need, and it works well for backcountry campers. At a mere 12 pounds, it is not only lightweight, but it holds up well and is easy to get on and off the campsite. It comes in several sizes, too.

Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

Yes, this is not a true table, but actually a side table. In fact, this side table is priced well enough to afford a camper the option of owning several. It looks great and it's aluminum, which means it's durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. These are very portable and lightweight, just smaller than some other choices.

Portal Folding Portable Picnic Camping Table

One of the necessary features of a camping table is its ability to fold, but the adjustable legs on this version help it stand out among the rest. It is easy to carry, easy to set up, and has a large enough surface for most basic tasks. You can consider it strong and lightweight, the two best features of any good camp table.

Helinox Camp Table

This one is on the small side, but not every campsite needs a huge tabletop surface. This is perfect for the couple that loves to camp together and doesn't need all that much in the way of space. It features drink holders, strong alloy legs, and a durable synthetic top. It can be used for backpacking as well as car camping, but could be considered a little pricey for the size.

Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table

This innovative table might seem a bit expensive at first, but it features so much utility that it's well worth it. The Camp Chef Sherpa Table Organizer has an aluminum frame and roll-out tabletop, uses 600 denier fabric, has four zippered compartments, and is basically a portable kitchen for the campsite.

Finding a Great Folding Camping Table

If it is a good camping table, then it should fold or at least be able to be broken down for carrying and storage. It helps if it comes in multiple shapes and sizes, works for all kinds of excursions, and functions just like any other table.

Aluminum camping tables are usually at the top of the list for most, but having a carry bag, cup holders, hard top, food prep space, a storage bag, or simply a carry handle can be the difference between what you have and what you want.

Ease of set up, strength, and portability are three keys to look for in a camping table that will suit your needs. After that, price, design, and size are the best things to weigh against each other.

Think about whether you want to use a table with the camping chairs you already own, or if your camp kitchen needs tabletop space and surface area. When you are searching for good outdoor camping gear that works well for you, it's often the same qualities that repeat themselves. Take the time to find the best for your style, and you'll be doing yourself a favor.

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