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15 Photos of Fluffy Cows Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a...cow? When you picture a soft and cuddly animal, an image of a cow is never the first one that pops into your mind. Usually, it's something like a tiny kitten or a clumsy little puppy. However, fluffy cows do exist—and they're pretty darn cute. These adorable bovines have longer locks than your average black and white cow, giving them a unique look.

The five fluffy cow breeds are Highland cattle, Belted Galloway cattle, Galloway cattle, Chillingham cattle, and South Devon cattle. Highlands are the most well-known, easily recognizable by their long and curly hair. Galloway cattle came from southwestern Scotland in the 1700s into the early 1800s. They're a tough, adaptable breed, which made them a hot commodity between Scotland and England. Belted Galloway came from the Galloway part of Scotland and developed their hardiness thanks to rough coastal terrain. Chillingham cattle are a British cow breed with curly hair, large horns, and feisty personalities. Chillingham Park is a place dedicated to a herd of 100 wild Chillingham cattle whose lineage can be traced back to ancient British cows who once roamed the area. South Devon cattle came from Devon and Cornwall counties in southwest England. The breed made its way to North America in 1969 before moving into Canada and South Africa in the '70s.

Want to see just how cute these farm animals can be? Check out some of the most adorable fluffy cows below.

1. "Mahm! You're embarrassing me!!" 

momma galloway nuzzles baby calf while eating

This image proves that even baby cows can be embarrassed by their mothers.

2. "It's been a rough day in the fields." 

highland cow

This poor cow looks like he needs a long nap!

3. "Nothing like snuggles from mom."

cow nuzzles her baby

The fluffy calf looks so tiny next to her mom's large head!

4. "Sir, I am ready to meet my adoring fans."

Cow get ready to be shown

The haphazard tufts of hair on this big girl apparently are one of her more endearing qualities.

5. "I swear it's my real hair!" 

baby highland cow

The short wisps of hair growing on this guy's forehead almost make it look like he has a toupee on.

6. "Long hair, even longer horns." 

highland cow sits in a field

The majestic Highland cow is actually very gentle, even with those long horns.

7. Cute and cuddly, just like a giant teddy bear. 

fluffy cow stands in field

I'm pretty sure I have a stuffed bear with this exact fur. Don't you want to snuggle this fluffy cow?

8. The cutest little calf we ever did see. 

fluffy calf plays on reserve

It's so tiny and adorable, you can't help but reach out to pet it!

9. "Uh, oh. Mom's coming, and there's nowhere to go!"

cows stand in a field

From the calf's face, he may have been doing something naughty. He does not look happy that mom is on her way.

10. "Do you like my new haircut?"

long haired cow

Parted down the middle may not be the best look for this cow.

11. Snow? What snow? 

highland cow with snow in its hair

It's almost like this cow has no idea that snow is raining down on him.

12. "Built-in fashion accessory." 

Belted Galloway cow

Belted Galloway cows are lucky enough to always have the perfect belt at all times.

13. "Mooove over! I'm comin' through." 

white curly haired cow

This cow looks like she is in a hurry to get to her next destination.

14. Check out those horns!  

two white cow eat in the field

Don't mess with the bull.

15. "I could just lay right here and take a nap." 

a woman lays on top of a cow

Not a bad place to sit and wait for your turn. At least these cows are fluffy!

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