Screenshot via:Fox 13 News

Florida Teen Using Pandemic as Opportunity for Extra Fishing


Florida teen does his social distancing by fishing.

There is no question about it, we are living in some crazy times right now. Coronavirus has caused a whole slew of problems all over the world. We've even seen it leak into our beloved outdoor activities in some areas.

However, the way we look at this, the way to get through it is by finding any bright spot that we can. That's the case with this video.

Fox 13 News in Tampa, Florida did a short piece on how teenager Niko Kaiafas is using his extra free time during the pandemic. You might think most teens are glued to their screens and video games right now, but you'd be wrong about Niko. He's using his newfound free time to go fishing every chance he can get. He also drops some real wisdom on what fishing is all about in this video.


"It's way better to get out on the water and do something you love," Kaiafas told the station.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. We are glad that fishing is one of the few activities that can be done safely in this difficult time period.  It is safe to say this young man is wise beyond his years because of the way he talked about patience and the importance of social distancing.

Normally, Kaiafas' free time is taken up school and sports. While many student athletes are struggling to come to grips with canceled spring sports seasons, Kaiafas isn't going to let this pandemic get him down.

It is worth noting that he is still taking classes via virtual school, but it has still opened a significant amount of free time for angling. We must admit, we're a little jealous of this young man. I would have loved this much free time in the spring for angling when I was his age!


Thanks for the perspective Kaiafas, now if you'll excuse us, we're headed out to do some fishing of our own to escape this crazy news cycle!

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