Florida Man's Deer Feeder is Being Constantly Raided... by a Pack of Monkeys!

Invasive monkeys are a nuisance at this man's deer feeder.

Pretty much anyone who has done any sort of supplemental feeding of deer has encountered other species stealing the food that wasn't intended for them. Usually it's squirrels, turkeys, raccoons, possums or even a cunning bear.

But one man in Ocala, Florida has a severe monkey problem with his deer feeder. In fact, they raid it every morning! WFTV News has more on this crazy story.

Brian Pritchard had hoped to get some deer photos with his feeder setup. Instead he's got hundreds of photos of invasive rhesus macaques.

As annoying as it is to find your trail camera filled with images of a species you weren't targeting, the hungry macaques are also eating all the food intended for deer. Pritchard told WFTV News the monkeys ate 250 pounds of deer feed in just a few days.

What's worse is the cunning little creatures have figured out how to bypass the times the feeder is set to go off.

"Obviously the monkeys have it down pat," Pritchard told the station. "They don't have to wait on it. They climb up the poles and they just sit there and spin it off the plate."

Aside from being pests on his deer feeder and trail camera, the monkeys can also carry diseases and can be quite mean. Right now Pritchard is just hoping the monkeys keep away from his children when the family moves to the property where the photos were taken.

Unfortunately, monkeys are just one of the many problems the Sunshine state is having with invasive species. Everything from invasive pythons to lionfish is causing huge headaches for the state's wildlife officials. Now add monkeys to that list.