boat capsizes

Florida Drone Pilot Captures Stunning Footage of Capsizing Boat and Amazing Rescue

This probably wasn't what this guy thought he'd capture with his drone at the Jupiter Inlet!

When Kevin Cadby went to the shore to do some videotaping with his drone, he couldn't have known this was what he'd see. With the wind blowing in and a boat coming into the inlet, he decided to follow it with his drone.

What he caught was a boat beefing hard in the surf with what looked like a YETI cooler floating away. Then, one daring young man came to the rescue!

Here's the video:

"The wind was blowing in at 20 plus miles per hour, that inlet can be treacherous!" Cadby said.

It was then a young surfer named Sam Ruskin sprang into action by paddling over and offering the shipwrecked man his board.

"Just speaks about his character," Ruskin's father said. "He didn't even blink an eye, jumped off his board, handed it to a grown man, saved his life. Came back and said, 'Hey what's for dinner dad?'"

The man whose boat overturned found his way to shore by the time authorities arrived and seemed to be in good condition.

Congratulations to Ruskin for the great rescue, and thanks to Kevin Cadby for sharing the amazing video!