lemon shark

Florida Diver Helps Lemon Shark Remove Old Hook

During group dives off the coast of Florida, it's not uncommon for a lemon shark to swim by.

In fact, it's not uncommon for the sharks to bump into the divers. However, during a recent Emerald Charters dive, one lemon shark was doing more than a little bumping.

During the dive, one diver, Joshua Eccles, noticed just how often that particular lemon shark kept bumping into the group.

Eccles decided to check out the shark, and he was surprised to find it was bumping into the divers for a reason.

That particular lemon shark was asking for help.

Eccles examined the shark and noticed a large hook embedded in the creature's underside. The hook was deeply embedded, since Eccles says he could only see the eyelet and a little of the shaft.

lemon shark

Amazingly, the shark allowed him to work the hook out of its underside. Chris Maddeford of Emerald Charters captured the plea for assistance and the hook removal on video.

After a quick swim-by of gratitude, the creature swam off with its fellow sharks.

It isn't unknown for sharks that are in trouble to "ask" humans for help. Several instances have been documented, including one caught in a rope and another with a knife in its head.