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Florida Couple Honored by Governor in State of the State Address


Pythons continue to wreak havoc in the Sunshine State, but fortunately people like this couple are doing what they can to help.

The python crisis in Florida shouldn't come as news to anyone at this point, but the issue has only continued to worsen.

The problem originally began when people started ignorantly relocating pet snakes to wild waters, but has grown to an uncontrollable disaster, as officials estimate 100,000 pythons could be living in the Everglades.

Fortunately, a handful of volunteer python hunters, such as Geoff and Robbie Roepstorff, are helping make a small dent to save their local ecosystem.

Governor Ron DeSantis recognized the Southwest Florida couple for their efforts during is most recent State of the State Address in January.

"They and others--including more than 500 people who have registered for our Python Bowl--are helping to protect Florida's native wildlife by removing these voracious predators from the Everglades," he said.

The Python Bowl, a snake hunting competition, is just one of the state's collective efforts to cut down on population, but the Roepstorffs volunteer year round.

"There are no mammals left down there and I think the governor realizes that and he's got to do something to control the situation to bring that mammal population back," Geoff said.

DeSantis has received waves of positive feedback from sportsmen, as he continues to back up his commitment to conservation.

"He is one governor who truly is putting the environmental concerns a priority and that is so important," Robbie said.

DeSantis addressed environmental topics, too, including a plan for improving water quality across the state.



Florida Couple Honored by Governor in State of the State Address