Genius! Floating Sunglasses for Fishing, Boating, and Swimming

Who else is guilty of losing a pair of sunglasses to the water, even though you knew you probably shouldn't have worn them in the first place?

"I think I am going to wear my favorite sunglasses and I promise I won't lose them."

This is something I have said too many times. And as expected, I have come out on the other end with a bad sunburn and absolutely no sunglasses.

The Floating Sunglasses by Rheos Gear have saved the day on so many river trips and have become a favorite for my friends, too. If you want a pair that can withstand anything, I highly suggest you make the investment, because I promise, it beats having to buy a new pair after every fishing or beach trip. You can get these for just $50.00, and I guarantee they will last you a long time.

Floating Sunglasses by Rheos Gear 
floating sunglasses

These floating sunglasses are designed with a composite frame and a mirrored, polarized lens. The sunglasses have 100% UV400 protection and are heavy duty with anti-scratch lens layers.

You don't want to go another day without these genius floating sunglasses!