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5 Great Guns for Less Than $250

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There are many options for firearms today, but here are five guns for less than $250.

Choosing a gun can be a daunting task, but more often than not price is a make or break characteristic.

Here you'll find out about five awesome guns you can buy for less than $250.

Watch the video below:


In case you missed any of them, here the list detailed in this video.

1. Smith and Wesson's M&P Bodyguard 380 which is a great pocket pistol, and is great for concealed carry.

2. Taurus pt709 Slim makes for a great 9mm single stack handgun and comes with a single-action/double-action trigger.

3. Sccy CPX-2 this double stacked 9mm handgun is great for concealed carry and had a double-action trigger only.

4. Ruger 10/22 is argued to be one of the best and most versatile rifles available, and it comes with 22LR sen-automatic capabilities.

5. Mosin Nagant is a military surplus rifle and although there are no new ones available, it's great choice for the price.

Consider checking out these guns for less than $250 if you want something dependable and affordable. As always, shoot safely.



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5 Great Guns for Less Than $250