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6 Best Fishing Rod Travel Cases for Airline Travel & More

The easiest way to carry multiple fishing rods is with a fishing rod travel case.

Whether you need to pack five spinning rods and fly fishing rods for a weekend full of fishing, or just need a simple way to carry two rods out to the pond, consider a fishing rod travel case. Since carrying them by hand will no longer be a burden, your hands will be free to carry other bags full of fishing or essentials.

We rounded up six fishing rod travel cases to hold a different number of fishing rods, including fishing gear. See which fishing rod case works best for your needs. These bags are durable, budget-friendly, spacious, and even make great gifts for any time of the year.

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We previously rounded up top-rated fishing vests and fishing backpacks to hold your fishing gear. These fishing vests have lots of storage pockets, perfect for the angler that likes to keep their tools and gear on their person. Even better, some of the vests double as life jackets. You can never be too safe.

As for the fishing backpacks, these fishing bags have storage for tackle boxes, light systems, and even rod holders. We rounded up our top six options, so see which one you won't fish without.

Since you'll also need to carry your rods, we're also a fan of these fishing rod travel cases. They keep fishing rods packed securely and keep them from getting super dirty.

Best Fishing Rod Travel Cases

1. Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case

Best for 4 Fishing Rods

Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case - Amazon (Price Varies) 

If you have four rods (4-piece 9.5-inch rods), then this is the best rod case organizer for you. There are eight adjustable dividers for rods, reels, and gear. There are also zippered pockets that are see-through for easy access.

As for comfort, the padded carry handle makes the bestselling 4-piece rod holder comfortable to carry on your shoulder.

The outer dimensions are 31.5'' x 9.5'' x 6 inches. Main compartment inner dimensions are 30.5'' x 8.75'' x 3.75 inches.

2. Bass Pro Shops Double Travel Rod Case

Best for 2 Rods

Bass Pro Shops Double Travel Rod Case - Bass Pro Shops, $49.99 

We picked this $50 double rod case bag for many reasons. It's water-repellent, UV-resistant, and can hold a pair of 2-piece, 7-foot spinning, casting, or fly rods.

The PVC tube lined with nylon protects rod sections, and there are two removable dividers (so you can configure the storage space to your liking).

Use the additional storage space for reels, phones, a camera, GPS unit, and tackle.

3. Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case

Best for 8 Rods

Plano Airliner Telescoping Rod Case - Amazon. $65.99 

This fishing rod tube is basically the iFly luggage of fishing pole cases. The case extends to 88 inches and collapses to 47 inches in length for easy storage. It can carry up to eight 7-foot rods.

The three-tier design is truly top-tier. Here's a five-star review: "It is huge. But it collapses to cover all my needs. Solid even completely extended. I bought it for a trip to Alaska and will keep rods in it in my Bronco because of trail conditions. Great investment and I feel like I got over once. Great value. It far exceeded my expectations.I have 2-10 foot two piece rods in mine, and its not all the way telescoped out."

4. Fishing Rod Bag Pole Holder Fishing Rod Carrier Case

Best for 5 Poles

Fishing Rod Bag Pole Holder - Amazon, $22.99 

This isn't a carry case to necessarily keep your fishing poles protected. It's not our best pick for rod storage, but it'll make a great carry bag as you venture down to the pond or lake.

The bag will hold up to five rods and reels on the outside. The shoulder strap is durable, so you don't have to worry about it ripping. The fishing rod bag has a large capacity, perfect for more fishing gear like a fishing chair, fishing tackle, and more.

The pole bag material is waterproof and abrasion-resistant. It's under $23, making it an affordable purchase for your next fishing trip.

5. fishpond Dakota Carry-On Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Travel Case

Best for Multiple Rods (and Airline Travel)

fishpond Dakota Carry-On Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Travel Case - Amazon, $189.95

Our first thought about this case is that it would make a fantastic holiday present. The bag is nearly $200, but it's stylish and heavy-duty.

There's a padded compartment with a protective lid that holds up to four rods in their rod socks (depending on length). You can remove the interior dividers if needed. The bottom is waterproof, perfect for airline travel. The dimensions are 35 x 13 x 6 inches.

A five-star review said: "This exact model was recommended to me. I bought it for a trip to Central America carrrying 4 rods and 3 reels, plus fly boxes. Plenty of space, and adjustable. Fits in airplane overhead compartment easily enough."

6. Booms Fishing PB1 Fishing Rod Case

Best for 1 or 2 Poles

Booms Fishing PB1 Fishing Rod Case - Amazon, $26.99 

This $27 fishing rod carrying case is lightweight and perfect for organizing two poles with two fishing reels. The dimensions are 4.6 feet wide by 55 inches in length. It's easy to carry, thanks to the adjustable and anti-slip shoulder straps. This will help free up both hands for your next fishing trip.