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The Best Fishing Rod Holders For Boats, Storage, Travel, and More

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There's no situation where magically having three hands would be more useful than when you're out fishing. From unhooking a fish to moving to another fishing hole, there's so many things you need to do, and having a pole in the way doesn't help make things any easier for you. Plus, holding a rod all day can get tedious after a while (I mean, you need to grab another beer sometime!), so it's useful to have a place to rest your pole without damaging it or leaving it on the ground. That's why we wanted to round up the best fishing rod holders for every occasion — and by every occasion, we really mean it. Fishing rod holders can be useful before, during, and after your fishing trip, so you might even need to snag a few from this list to be fully prepared for anything. To prep for an upcoming fishing trip, we found the best holders for travel — including day trips and longer outings. When you're actually out on the water, we rounded up the best holders for the boat and kayak, for bank fishing, and even a holder that sticks to your car with a magnet. Finally, when you're all done for the day, you'll need a place in your home to store the rods and a place to rinse them off.  There's a lot to consider, too: we went for picks that would withstand tough weather and water, were made of sturdier materials like rubber and steel to keep your pole secure and scratch-free, and could hold multiple rods and their reels for storage. There's also options that keep your gear close by, so you'll have easy access to your tackle. Check out our picks below, and enjoy an easier and more convenient fishing trip next time you're out on the water:

1. Best for Travel

Allen Company Rod & Gear Case - Amazon, $139.99

If you travel a lot with your fishing rods, this is the durable case for the job. This well-made case by Allen Company fits travel rods of all types — from saltwater to spin — and has lots of pockets for gear as well. The inside pockets also have Velcro dividers so you can customize the fit to your needs. Additionally, the padded exterior pockets and waterproof bottom will fit up to four 9.5-foot rods. While it won't fit in the overhead compartment on an airplane, one savvy traveler has this to say about taking it on a plane: "It's sturdy enough for airline check in and can be also be locked. It's not so large that you can carry everything you own, but enough to carry what you need. Best of all, it does not require special handling or "irregular luggage" treatment." This is a great find if you take your rods with you for overnight trips or longer.

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2. Best for Day Trips


Allnice Durable Rod & Reel Holder - Amazon, $30.98

This sturdy oxford cloth case is perfect for taking your rods with you on the road for a day trip — and has the ability to hold five rods and reels on the outside, as well as more tackle and equipment on the inside. There's also a large compartment on the outside, and many smart features to keep your gear in check: it's securely fastened with double straps at the top and has a quick-fastener strap around the outside that holds everything tight and secure. The fabric is both tear- and puncture-resistant, so you'll have this bag for a long time.

3. Best for Fly Fishing

O'Pros 3rd Hand Belt Clip - Amazon, $24.99

This O'Pros holder locks into place and securely attaches to any belt up to 2 inches — and can rotate 360 degrees with just a click of a button. The button has one-handed operation and is also used to lock and unlock the fly fishing rod. This allows to free up your hands when you need them, and it also works for spin rods. This made-in-the-USA product makes it so much easier to do everything from unhooking fish to keeping your rod off the ground.

4. Best for Boat Fishing

PLUSSINO Fishing Rod Holder For Boat (2-Pack) - Amazon, $39.99

There are two size options for this set of fishing rod holders — one with a max opening of 1.75 inches, and one with a max opening of 4.75 inches — that should securely fasten onto a board of your boat either horizontally or vertically. This 360-degree adjustable holder is a universal size, too: It will work with spinning, casting, and spincast handles. It's made of sturdy, eco-friendly materials that can handle high impacts, and will also work on a kayak. The spring-loaded knob makes switching rods easy, but the stainless steel will keep it secure when you need it to.

5. Best for Bank Fishing

Coolnice Rod Holders for Bank Fishing (2-Pack) - Amazon, $23.99

The tapered bottoms of these Coolnice rod holders are perfect for bank fishing because they'll easily penetrate rocks, sand, and mud. They have a holder that will secure a fishing rod of any size, and these lightweight, stainless steel holders won't rust over time: Just put them in the ground and watch the fish come in. They can also rotate 360 degrees and can fold up to store anywhere.

6. Best for Freshwater Fishing Rods

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rack - Amazon, $31.90

This round fishing rack stores and holds 16 rods and reels. The baseplate has end caps to capture any residual moisture, and the flexible rubber clamps hold freshwater rods comfortably and sturdily. The solid, durable wood also serves as an attractive centerpiece to display inside or in the garage.

7. Best for Rods and Gear

Rush Creek Creations Tackle Cart - Amazon, $68.80

This all-in-one cart is great for storing up to 12 freshwater rods, and it has shelves to store all your tackle boxes and gear as well. The middle wire shelf is adjustable so you can place it exactly where you need to, and the wheels on the bottom make it easy to move it wherever you need it. There are also waterproof caps at the base and soft rubber clips, too. One five-star reviewer writes: "We love that they not only hold the rods but also that it has shelving for tackle boxes or whatever else you may want it to hold. We have them holding tackle boxes, life jackets, miscellaneous items for the boat, and left the top open on one so if we want to work on any of the poles we can as it functions like a little table."

8. Best Wall-Mounted Rod Holder


Kast King Wall-Mounted Vertical Fishing Rod Holder - Amazon, $19.99

This wall-mount by Kast King can be placed horizontally or vertically and holds fifteen rods or rods and reels — and is easily installed with the three included screws. The holder also allows you to secure these rods from any point on the pole so you can stagger them and save some space — and at 18 inches, this one will be a great space saver wherever you put it.

9. Best for Rinsing Off Saltwater Fishing Rods


Rush Creek Creations Reel Salty Rolling Rod Holder - Amazon, $132.39 

Completely waterproof, this heavy-duty rolling rack can be used indoors, outdoors, and on boats — and it will hold 16 rods. It's made with stainless steel and marine-grade hardware, so it will last a long time and can handle extreme weather conditions. It also has extra-wide spacing between the rods so you can fit larger rods. One five-star reviewer writes that this is a great waterproof option for rinsing off your rods as well.

10. Best Car Holder

On The Fly Rod Holder - Amazon, $24.95 

A fly rod holder that you can put on your car? Yep, and this invention is absolutely genius: you'll get one magnetized rod holder that breaks into two pieces. Store the fly rod and reel on one and the tip on the other — and you'll be able to safely drive up to 30mph with your poles right on your car. When you're not using this, just remove it and store it in your glove box: it's a sturdy magnet that will easily stick and unstick to your car. It'll free your hands up or allow you to drive to another spot.

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