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The 5 Best Men's Fishing Pants of 2022 From Amazon

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Fishing pants are arguably the most important part of your fishing gear.

The fishing season can be year-round, whether you're taking a summer fishing trip or enjoying the cold weather ice fishing, it's something that you can do any time of year. That's why it's so crucial to have quality fishing clothing; you want to make sure you've got water-resistant fishing gear, so no matter when you decide you want to cast a line, your outerwear will keep you dry.

We've compiled some of the best waterproof pants and wading bibs for fishing, so you can grab the gear you need and get back to the water. Time to pack that tackle box and cooler, put on your fishing shorts or pants, and grab your poles.

Wading Pants vs. Chest Waders

Pant waders look like normal pants, but chest waders (usually look like bibs) come up to your chest. If water is likely to reach above your waistline, buy a pair of chest bib pants or overalls. Otherwise, regular waders or quick-drying pants and water-resistant pants will do the trick!

Your choice of pants will depend on the type of fishing you're doing that day, along with your personal style and budget. It might even depend on the weather. We rounded up various options, so you'll have a few options for all types of fishing.

Best Men's Fishing Pants

1. This Must-Have for Fly Fishing

Grundens Men's Transmit Bib Fishing Pants - Amazon, $179.99

This bib is completely water-resistant and made of breathable material to keep you comfortable all day long. With plenty of pockets for storing your items and keeping them nearby, it's perfect for a day of fly fishing. The hung taffeta lining allows for next-to-skin comfort while keeping you dry.

We love that it's available in sizes up to 4XXL, perfect for all shapes and sizes.

Grundéns is a top-rated fishing brand that has been making rainwear and protective apparel for generations.

2. A Comfortable Pair of Lightweight Pants

CAMOFOXIN Men's Hiking & Fishing Pants - 34.99+

These convertible pants can function as either fishing shorts or pants, plus they're quick-drying, so you won't be wet all day. They're perfect men's fishing pants for day-to-day use or even work as hiking pants if you have a dual adventure planned.

Definitely not bibs, but they're a great option if you're on a budget and just need quick-drying pants for when you get a little messy. If you encounter any rain, you'll be dry in no time.

3. This Stretchier Pants Option

Postropaky Stretch Fishing Pants - Amazon, $35.98+ 

Lightweight, breathable, and made of quick-drying materials, these outdoor pants are perfect for any occasion. Not only are they water-resistant, but the stretchy nylon and spandex construction makes them super comfortable. If you're picky about your clothing being super comfy, you'll love these pants.

The lightweight fishing pants are rip and tear-resistant.

4. A Pair of Pants That Can Turn Into Shorts

Columbia Men's PFG Blood and Guts™ III Convertible Pant - Amazon, $37.70+

Designed to handle angler stains, these "blood and guts" convertible pants are perfect for an excursion on the water. Made with quick-drying material, these wicking pants are rated up to UPF 30. (UPF 30-49 is very good sun protection.) One customer said they prevented them from getting a sunburn!

They are convertible, so feel free to wear them as shorts when it's extremely hot outside, or you want to enjoy the ocean or lake.

5. Our Pick for Cold Weather

Here are some great fishing pants for cold weather. I know, they look like sweatpants, but they're going to feel so warm and cozy this winter. You can wear them under waders, bibs, or wear them alone. The insulated pants maintain 90% of their warmth when wet. They're wind-resistant, too, and have two hand-warming pockets for extra warmth.

This post was originally published on April 8, 2021.

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