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Fishing Has No Boundaries: Profiling the Nonprofit and Their Work on the Water

This inspiring organization helps anglers with disabilities break down barriers and enjoy the world of fishing.

Founded by Hayward, Wisconsin guide Bobby Cammack in 1986, Fishing Has No Boundaries, Inc., is on a mission to provide recreational fishing opportunities to all individuals with disabilities. Cammack felt the struggle to fish first-hand when he broke his leg and attempted to hit the lake while wearing a cast. So he set out to help those who deal with such difficulties on a daily basis.

By 1988, he'd put in countless hours of legwork to host the first-ever FHNB event, which brought together 75 people from seven states for a fun fishing experience on the water. The nonprofit organization now hosts nearly 2,000 individuals with disabilities at its various annual fishing events, with new chapters popping up around the country and thousands of volunteers lending a hand.

FHNB also increases accessibility for anglers with disabilities via adaptive equipment such as electric reels, boat ramp systems, wide pontoon doorways and other modified fishing tackle.

But FHNB is about much more than just fishing events and specialized equipment. Their programs are designed to give participants independence, positive self-image, and a genuine feeling of accomplishment, regardless of their disabilities. The camaraderie and friendships built through their events can last a lifetime. FHNB also helps spread the word and awareness about the need for such adaptive equipment and opportunities, educating the general public and starting important conversations about accessibility for those with disabilities.

In honor of late member Doris Ekstrom, their Ekstrom Scholarship is available to program participants, volunteers and family members enrolled in college.

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