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VIDEO: Fishing Boat Captain Saves Crewman's Life in Frigid Alaska Waters

A boat captain has a responsibility to his crew.

One boat captain in Alaska took that responsibility to heart Monday, jumping into frigid waters to save his crewman.

The Grayling was fishing salmon in Kupreanof Strait near Raspberry Island, the Coast Guard says, when it capsized. The incident took place about 35 miles northwest of Kodiak, Alaska.

Another boat, with which the Grayling crew was fishing, saw its stern going under. The boat, the Calista Marie, tried to tow the Grayling, but then it rolled, says Dale Pruitt, captain of the Calista Marie.

Pruitt says the waves were pretty big at five to six feet.

When the Grayling rolled, all four crewmen went into the water. Three of the crew managed to get into the Grayling's skiff. The fourth man was missing.

Pruitt says that after about 20 minutes, the missing crewman popped up, but obviously in trouble. That's when the boat captain, Christian Trosvig, jumped in the water wearing a life vest. He dragged the crewman back to the skiff, got him aboard and gave the man CPR to revive him.

The incident was captured by a Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter that was on a training flight.