Fisherman Gets More Than He Bargain For After Hooking Shark, Now In Critical Condition
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Fisherman Gets More Than He Bargain For After Hooking Shark, Now In Critical Condition

What's going on in Florida this year? Shark attacks, or at least stories about them, feel more prevalent than ever. And it's not even Shark Week! Maybe, Jaws was right about staying out of the water. Of course, this fisherman wasn't actually in the water. Okay, so he was in a boat in the water, but semantics! This fisherman got a little more than he bargained for when he ended up hooking a shark on his fishing expedition.

The shark took getting a bite to a whole new meaning when it clamped down on his right forearm. Sadly for the fisherman, the bite proved to be pretty severe. Currently, the fisherman is in critical condition following the shark attack. The mand had been fishing in Florida on Saturday morning when the incident occurred.

The angler was in his boat off Fernandina Beach, north of Jacksonville. He ended up with a pretty strong bite and pulled the shark onto his boat. However, he ended up tossing the fish back after it chomped down on his arm, Action News Jax reported. Following the bite, the man appeared to have called authorities for help.

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Shark Attacks Angler

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit reported receiving a distress call over its emergency radio at 11:15 a.m. Unfortunately, by the time they made it to the boat, the man was already in pretty dire straits. He had lost a lot of blood due to the bite. Emergency responders worked to stop the bleeding. "Upon arrival, NCSO deputies found the victim with a critical injury. Acting swiftly, a deputy boarded the vessel and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding," NCSO said on Facebook.

The organization continued, "The victim was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital. He is currently listed in critical condition but is expected to recover." Believe it or not Florida is home to the shark attack capital of the world. There's more shark attacks in Florida, specifically Volusia County, than anywhere else in the world. In 2023, there was 16 attacks in Florida alone. It made up nearly half of all attacks in the United States. The incident happened in Nassau County.

We'll be sending our prayers to the angler. In a separate shark attack story, an Alabama teen lost her arm and leg to an attack in Florida this year.