Images via Nikon

First Look: The New Nikon PROSTAFF P5 Riflescope

Take a good look at Nikon's new PROSTAFF P5 Riflescopes, and you'll see the difference they can make.

Nikon has come out with what they're saying is the greatest evolution of the venerable PROSTAFF riflescope family yet. This new lineup gives shooters the wide field of view needed for close-ups or moving targets, but maintains the increased image detail that comes with higher magnifications.

Basically, it's a combination of two great scope features that usually require an either/or choice. Now you don't have to pick.

Engineered with Nikon's Optics First Design Principle, the Nikon PROSTAFF P5 Riflescope has a 4x zoom ratio and either 42mm or 50mm objective lenses. The magnification versatility of the P5 line is out of this world.

Ranging in price from $229.95 to $449.95, these are easily some of the highest-quality optics you can find with that small of an MSRP.

The side focus parallax adjustment on the P5's long range models allows for easy adjustments without changing your shooting position.

Whether you have a coyote hunting rig, a long distance rifle, or a deer gun, there's a P5 that can be mounted up top for an instant upgrade beyond what you'd expect for a scope of that price.

You have a choice of reticles used in the Nikon PROSTAFF P5 Riflescopes, including the brand-specific Nikoplex, a BDC, and an MK1-MOA. They each have their own uses, but all are capable of lining up the shots you need to take. The scopes have a short, 1-inch main body tube and are waterproof, shockproof, and nitrogen-purged.

Nikon's ability to offer all of these substantial features and still keep the price down speaks to their ingenuity and efficiency. They're the kind of company you can rely on to bring the best they can to the market, and to prove that you don't need a six-figure income to afford standard-setting optics.

The new Nikon PROSTAFF P5 Riflescope line has been thoroughly vetted by the kind of folks who can really put them to the test. They know that Nikon avoided cutting any corners in ruggedness, precision, or performance, and it's time you find out as well.

The thing that sends the P5 and other Nikon gear into overdrive is their exceptional warranty program. It's honestly seldom used, but still important to know about.

Every Nikon riflescope, binocular, and spotting scope is covered by both the Lifetime Limited Warranty for manufacturing defects, and the exclusive No Fault Lifetime Repair/Replacement Policy for just about everything else. You don't have to track down receipts, work within certain time limits, or worry about sounding like you're coming up with a sleazy excuse. Nikon is a 100-year-old company for crying out loud; you can count on the brand to be around should anything happen.

The PROSTAFF P5 is available on Nikon's website, as is a ton more information to help you make your pick. If there was ever a reason to look into Nikon's latest optics offering, this new line of groundbreaking riflescopes would be it.