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First Lite Debuts Whitetail Camo Line

The Specter pattern is the first algorithm-generated camouflage specifically engineered for whitetail deer hunting.

First Lite hasn't wasted much time securing a corner of the hunting apparel market, as any avid hunter is familiar with the brand's high-quality gear. From MeatEater's Steven Rinella to YouTube groups such as Hushin, many of the biggest names in the hunting space won't wear any other brand when in the backcountry.

On Wednesday, First Lite launched its new proprietary camouflage pattern, Specter, which uses revolutionary technology and algorithm-generated data to create the most optimal whitetail deer hunting camo pattern on the market.

The nature-based algorithm imitates naturally occurring patterns a deer would see in the wild to distort hunters' visibility. Additionally, Specter is designed to transition between locations and seasons to giving hunters a versatile camo that will work in a wide variety of environments.

"The Specter line brings First Lite's whitetail hunting gear into the next generation and gives a new competitive edge to whitetail hunters," said Mark Kenyon, host of the Wired to Hunt Podcast. "Before bringing the product to market, we spent weeks in the field with some of the top whitetail hunters in the country and the positive feedback has been resounding. My personal experience mirrored that. When it comes to concealment, I know that if I do my job right, the pattern will do the rest. This is sure to be my go-to camouflage for elevated whitetail hunts for years to come, and we could not be happier to be sharing this line with our customers and partnering with some of the top brands in the outdoors industry so that Specter is available on guns to boots and everything in between."

Along with the Specter launch comes First Lite's Camo for Conservation, which directs a portion of sales to the National Deer Association, which works to preserve wild deer populations and habitats.

This isn't the hunting apparel company's first conservation initiative, as its Round Up for Conservation initiative generated over $100,000 in donations to conservation not-for-profits.

"We're very excited about how our partnership has grown with First Lite, and the Camo for Conservation initiative is just the latest example of how we're working together for deer and hunters. A strong conservation focus is part of the fabric of the company, and this commitment further illustrates that," said Nick Pinizzotto, President and CEO of the National Deer Association.

The new First Lite Specter pattern will be available for purchase across all First Lite whitetail hunting apparel.