First Lite And Nemo
Images via Nemo/First Lite

Exclusive Sneak Peek: First Lite and Nemo Equipment Collaborate on Backcountry Camping Gear

Take an exclusive look at the First Lite and Nemo Equipment line of backcountry gear.

First Lite and Nemo Equipment have joined forces on a brand new line of gear that appears ideal for the kind of hunting, fishing, and outdoor-enjoying we all love to do.

More importantly, the new Field Collection seems like it will help us pack lighter, go farther, and worry less about our gear and more about having a good time. It'll be available in February, but Wide Open Spaces got a special preview before it's launched, and we wanted to share it with you so you can be the first to see it.

Known for their merino wool blend hunting gear and popularity among backcountry big game hunters, First Lite has put their finishing touches on a range of Nemo camping equipment, and they took it much farther than we could have expected. Instead of base layers and shells, the First Lite details can now be found on sleeping bags, tents, and even camp chairs.

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This looks like the exact kind of stuff you need when you're making your gear list for the next backcountry trip.

The tents steal the show, and there are four in the new line. The Endurance is a 2-person, 4-season mountaineering tent, double-walled and insulated but still packable and manageable like a backpacking tent should be.

First Lite And Nemo

The Kodiak tent also sleeps two, and is meant for extended treks in less extreme temperatures. That doesn't mean it won't stand up to a pounding from Mother Nature, and it maintains the slick packability and ease-of-use Nemo prides themselves on.

The Recurve and Spike are the Ultralight Tent options, and the smaller 1-person Spike brings minimalist conveniences even deeper into the wilderness. The Recurve is for those who need a little extra room, but still want to stay lean and mean while packing in and out of a Rocky Mountain hunt.

First Lite and Nemo didn't quit there, and are releasing a camo version of their Puffin Insulated Blanket and Fillo Elite Camp Pillow.

There's a sleeping bag addition as well, with a Scout 20° and 35° Ultralight Mummy, and a Stalker 0° Down Sleeping Bag. Here's some detailing on the Stalker:

Take it from my personal experience: late season hunting trips are a lot more enjoyable with something like this. And here's a look at the Scout when it's stuffed, downsized and compared to a Nalgene bottle for reference:

Combining a Switchback Foam Pad and a new Longbow Alpine Ultralight Sleeping Pad is said to give you the warmest, most technical sleeping system designed for hunters and anglers.

And we couldn't escape mentioning the unique (and awesome-looking) Stargaze Luxury Recliner, which will have a First Lite camp pattern added to the swinging and reclining chair that's built for backpacking. Oh, and there's a no spill cup holder, so you can pack a cold one and lean on back to your heart's content.

Described as technical camping and backpacking gear for backcountry hunters and anglers, we'd say this is lined up to be the ultimate equipment for outdoorsmen, especially those who look for the reliability and performance of high-quality gear. You're getting that from the combined efforts of two proven companies.

Cold weather shouldn't scare anyone away, and when you've scheduled a big fishing trip or drew a coveted hunting tag, sometimes you've got to deal with the hand you're dealt. Knowing you've covered yourself with the kind of gear that won't let you down can make all the difference.

First Lite's and Nemo's products have already done their due diligence, and attached themselves to the wish lists of any informed outdoorsmen or women out there. Maybe you're aiming for a sheep hunt in Alaska, or a backpacking trip through Germany, or just an overnight fly fishing trip while visiting Salt Lake City. In any case, the Field Collection looks like it could easily fit the bill.

Nemo uses a quote credited to their founder and CEO Cam Brensinger that goes like this: We believe the world has enough "stuff," so we are committed to only creating technically superior products that provide a meaningfully better adventure experience.

That strategy seems just smart enough to work, doesn't it?