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Youth Hunter's Big Buck Makes Jealous Younger Brother Cry and We Can Relate

We can relate to this youngster's reaction to his brother's buck too well.

Everyone can relate to the frustrations of a long hunting season that ends up unsuccessfully. We don't care how long you have been hunting, everyone has a dry season at some point that ends in tag soup. Any hunter that tells you otherwise is probably lying about it. And it can be a little frustrating and cause some jealousy when your friends or family bag a big one and you do not.

Such is the case with this youth hunting video. Young Nate Thomas has had a long season in Georgia and still doesn't have any deer on the ground. He takes his son Tucker out for his first hunt of the year. Fortunately for young Tucker, a nice buck steps out and gives him a perfect shot.

Nate is obviously thrilled for his son, to the point that he doesn't mind all the frustrations he's had himself this season. However, Tucker's younger brother Huddy cannot keep his feelings about the situation bottled up. The waterworks start as they're admiring Tucker's buck later that evening. It's simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking.

Poor Huddy. As thrilled as we are for Tucker and his buck, that as a little heartbreaking to see Huddy's reaction. Although we can kind of relate. Don't worry Huddy, I got skunked in the deer woods this year too. It's frustrating, but it happens. I have a feeling Huddy's day is coming, probably sooner than he thinks. For now, it's a frustrating lesson on why they call it hunting and not killing. We imagine that someday when these boys are older, they will all look back at this video and have a good laugh about it. Truly, the whole hunt and the reactions are what hunting is all about.

Congrats to Tucker on his buck! That's a great first deer and he did an excellent job spotting it and making a perfect shot that brought the deer down quickly and humanely. You cannot ask for a better situation than that. And on the first day he's gone out all year too. Some guys have all the luck!

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