First Buck Reaction
YouTube: Leatherwood Outdoors

Girl's First Buck Reaction is Priceless

The thrill of getting that first buck is something one never forgets. And it's even better when you get to share that moment with family. One thing we love about the modern era of hunting is that these moments are increasingly being captured on video, creating a lasting memory of the experience that younger hunters can relive anytime they want. Today's video features Shane Reed and his daughter Eviana as they try to bag her first buck during the Pennsylvania archery season. Eviana has been trying to get her first buck for some time. She's come close, but there's always been some extenuating circumstances that prevented her from getting a shot.

That changes when a beautiful 8-pointer steps out into the field that the father and daughter are watching. The buck eventually gives Eviana a shot, and her reaction to the whole experience is quite priceless.

We really can't get enough of watching these youngsters experience their first successful deer hunt. It's unfortunate some predator got into the buck when they allowed it lie overnight. However, I agree they made the right decision given the circumstances. The shot looked lower than it really was, and as the old saying goes, "When in doubt, back out." We suspect they were probably still able to salvage some venison from this animal. And the animal clearly didn't suffer, which is the important part.

We imagine these two will look back on the footage from this hunt for many years to come. Eviana's reaction to the shot was as good as they come. It's a special moment when someone realizes they just bagged their first deer like this, and we're glad they were able to catch it on video and share it with the world. Here's hoping this hunt hooks young Eviana into the tradition for life.

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