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Anglers Find Full Fireball Whisky Bottle in Fish's Stomach


This is about the last thing you'd expect to find inside a fish's stomach.

What do fish eat? It's a complex question, but the answer is mainly other fish, along with underwater vegetation and other small critters found beneath the surface.

Filleting a saltwater fish is normal, but investigating its stomach contents is also a common practice, especially for avid anglers interested in what exactly the fish have been eating, in order to zoom in on potential bait. If you see something in a fish stomach, you know the fish likes it.

Which is why the fishermen in this video, shared on TikTok by user behiban, might want to hit the liquor store before their next trip out to open water.


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Over the years we've shared several videos showing a similar scene, where anglers are cutting up their fresh catch to access their bounty of fish meat, only to discover something unusual or spectacular inside the nether regions of the fish's guts. Some are, shall we say, more believable than others.

There's no way to verify the authenticity, and some cases of funny business have certainly led to level of suspicion, but it's not impossible. Saltwater fish, specifically predator fish, have been known to devour some odd things. It's a bit of a mystery each time you peer into the stomach of a wild animal, but a full whisky bottle, unopened and seemingly in decent shape, is either a miraculous occurrence or a heck of a prank. We're a little skeptical of everything, in a healthy way, but this one's up to you to decide if you believe it's true or not.

In any case, it makes for a hilarious video, a funny story, and another reminder to take care of your trash. Stuff can end up anywhere, including the bowels of a large fish. If that's truly how this bottle wound up where it did, then that's a major bummer and should have been avoided.



Anglers Find Full Fireball Whisky Bottle in Fish's Stomach